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 The Tablelands are famous for the fresh produce from the ground up. Its most notable products have been potatoes and coffee. You will find the most amazing coffee plantations, cheese & chocolate factories. One of our favourite choices of fresh delights comes from Gallo Dairy farm..

Lake Eacham & Lake Barrine

Lake Eacham (Yidyam) and the nearby Lake Barrine, were formed approximately 12,000 years ago by molten magma. Magma from the center of the earth rose to the surface and heated the water table. The steam that resulted from the boiling water was trapped underground, until massive explosions signalled its release. Huge cracks appeared in the ground and the trees that once lathed the mountainside were levelled and burnt. Eventually, over hundreds of years, water filled the craters and the trees grew back, creating the tranquil lake used today by families and tourists for recreation. There are no streams that flow into or out the lake, water is only lost through soakage and evaporation and only replenished through rainfall, the level can fluctuate up to 4 metres between wet and dry seasons


The Yungaburra Markets

The Yungaburra Market is the biggest and oldest market on the Atherton Tablelands.

On one day each month, local producers gather on the commons in the middle of the historic village of Yungaburra to sell fresh produce, flowers, home made crafts, local wines, wooden furniture, clothing and just about anything else you can think of.

From January to November, the markets are held on the 4th Saturday of the month. The December Market - usually the biggest of the year - is specially scheduled to ensure it falls prior to Christmas eve. See Market Days for more information.

The Market runs from 7:30am to 12:30pm. It pays to come early, as some stalls do sell out before noon.


Curtain Fig Tree

It may not have the most exotic name in the world, and it may not send tingles to your toes with the thought of making a visit to this tree, but hey, we wouldn't be listing it on this website if we didn't think it was worth a mention.

In fact, it's worth more than a mention. This is the most amazing tree you are ever likely to see. It is a picture of a century of natural history – a unique example of nature's unpredictability and power.

The fig tree is from the strangler fig species Fichus virens. The curtain effect results from one tree leaning against another tree on a 45-degree angle. The strangler vine then grew along the oblique angle of the leaning tree, dangling 15 metres to the ground to create the curtain affect


Tinaroo Dam

You may have noticed that fishing is a prominent activity at Lake Tinaroo. In fact, this lake is regarded as the best Barramundi fishing in the world. The barra here cannot breed because the water is only fresh. (Barramundi need a salt and fresh water environment to breed) Therefore, the lake is stocked annually with baby barra that grow into monsters bigger than anywhere else in the world. The world's biggest barra's have been caught here by keen anglers – visit the local store and see all the photos on the wall of proud fishers wrestling with their fish that are bigger than their boats.

But aside from fishing, Tinaroo is wonderful for family activities like picnics on the bank.

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